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File Options

CLI Configuration Tool Tutorial #5

1. Getfile option

You can check configuration information of the device use --getfile option for CLI.

There are example files named cmd_oneport.txt and cmd_twoport.txt for using getfile option.

These files contain command list of each 1 port and 2 port devices. This command list is used to get each configuration info from the device.

Basic command format is as follows.

for single device,

python -d 00:08:DC:XX:XX:XX --getfile [file_name]

for multi devices,

python -a --getfile [file_name]

for detail description of command set, refer to WIZ750SR Command List.

Example 1: Get all info

If you use the example file as it is, you can get all the information of the device. Since the WIZ750SR is a 1 port device, use cmd_oneport.txt.

Try to perform a device search first.

python -s

You then use the getfile option to get information from a single device or multiple devices as follows.

  • Single device
python -d 00:08:DC:53:AE:93 --getfile cmd_oneport.txt
  • Multi devices
python -a --getfile cmd_oneport.txt

Example 2: Getting part info

If you want to get only some necessary information, refer to cmd_oneport.txt and modify it or create a new file to include only necessary commands.

For example, if you want to get only the network configuration information, try as follows.

  1. Make new command list



  1. Get information

Use getfile option with new command list file.

  • Single device
python -d 00:08:DC:53:AE:93 --getfile cmd_net.txt

  • Multi devices
python -a --getfile cmd_net.txt

You can use this after customizing according to your purpose and situation.

2. Setfile option

You can save the settings you want to keep to a file and set them with the --setfile option.
It can be used as the macro.

To use this option, you have to make command set. (command + parameter)

List up and write the command set info you want to set a file.

The basic command format is as follows.

for single device,

python -d 00:08:DC:XX:XX:XX --setfile [file_name]

for multi devices,

python -a --setfile [file_name]

Example 1: Setfile

There is an example file in the project directory, 'set_cmd.txt'.


IM0 LI192.168.0.25 SM255.255.255.0 GW192.168.0.1 LP5000 BR12

* From top to bottom: local IP, Subnet mask, Gateway, Local port, Baudrate and set as follows.

* Single device

python -d 00:08:DC:53:AE:93 --setfile set_cmd.txt

* Check:

python -d 00:08:DC:53:AE:93 --getfile set_cmd.txt

* Multi devices

python -a --setfile set_cmd.txt

* Check:

python -a --getfile set_cmd.txt

The setfile option can be useful when you want to save and use multiple options as shown above.