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iMCU W7100A is the one-chip solution which integrates an 8051 compatible microcontroller, 64KB SRAM and hardwired TCP/IP Core for high performance and easy development. The TCP/IP core is a market-proven hardwired TCP/IP stack with an integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY. The Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports the TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE which has been used in various applications for years.


  • Fully software compatible with industrial standard 8051
  • Pipelined architecture which enables execution of instructions 4~5 times faster than a standard 8051
  • 10BaseT/100BaseTX Ethernet PHY embedded
  • Power down mode supported for saving power consumption
  • Hardwired TCP/IP Protocols: TCP, UDP, ICMP, IPv4 ARP, IGMP, PPPoE, Ethernet
  • Auto Negotiation (Full-duplex and half duplex), Auto MDI/MDIX
  • ADSL connection with PPPoE Protocol with PAP/CHAP Authentication mode support
  • independent sockets which are running simultaneously
  • 32Kbytes Data buffer for the Network
  • Network status LED outputs (TX, RX, Full/Half duplex, Collision, Link, and Speed)
  • Not supports IP fragmentation (driver function)
  • 2 Data Pointers (DPTRs) for fast memory blocks processing
  • Advanced INC & DEC modes
  • Auto-switch of current DPTR
  • 64KBytes Data Memory (RAM)
  • 255Bytes data FLASH
  • 64KBytes Code Memory
  • 2KBytes Boot Code Memory
  • Up to 16M bytes of external (off-chip) data memory (100pin version)
  • Interrupt controller
  • 2 priority levels
  • 4 external interrupt sources
  • Watchdog interrupt
  • Four 8-bit I/O Ports
  • Three timers/counters
  • Full-duplex UART (max. 230kBaud)
  • Programmable Watchdog Timer
  • DoCD™ compatible debugger
  • High Product Endurance
  • Minimum 100,000 program/erase cycles (FLASH)
  • Minimum 10 years data retention

Block Diagram




W7100A Datasheet V1.2.5

Last Update: 2016.08.25


W7100A Chip Erratasheet v1.1.0

Last Update: 2012.09.18

Limitation Note

Limitation Note – ARP problem in the NLB environment

Last Update: 2018.03.12

Comparison Sheet

Comparison Sheet of W7100 & W7100A

Differences between W7100A and W7100_v1.1

Application Note

W7100A Application Note (Docs & Sample Codes)
  • TCP, UDP, DHCP, DNS_Client, DDNS, HTTP_Server, HTTP_Client, Telnet, Serial to Ethernet, IPRAW, MACRAW, UART, Timer, LCD, I2C, Code Flash Programming, Data Flash Programming, External Memory, WDTimer
  • KEIL uVision 3 and 4 IDE Project


W7100A Driver
  • W7100A/ W7100 Integrated Driver (updated on 2013.04.16)
  • Produced by KEIL uVision 4 IDE


WIZISP & Programming Guide
  • Last Update: 2012.11.26
  • Version : 2.1.