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WIZnet Network IO module includes an iEthernet chip & MAG-JACK (RJ45 with X’FMR). As no effort is required to interface iEthernet chip and Transformer, Network module is the ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling system rapidly.

Product Family

Embedded BlockW6100, MAG JackW6100, MAG JackW5100S, MAG JackW5100S, MAG JackW5500, MAG JackW5500, MAG JackW5300, MAG Jack
Host InterfaceSPISPISPISPISPISPI8/16bit Bus
HW Socket4444888
Auto MDIXYesYesYesYesNoNoYes
Pin Header1x61x61x61x10Two 1x61x8, 1x6Two 2x14
Dimension (mm)23 x 25 x 23.523 x 25 x 23.523 x 25 x 23.525 x 52 x 2323 x 25 x 1854 x 26 x 2453.3x34x19.5
Operation Temp (℃)-40..85-40..85-40..85-40..85-40..85-40..85-40..85
MAC AddressNoNoNoNoNoYesNo
Not recommended for new design
Embedded blockW5100, MAG JackW5100, MAG JackW5100, MAG JackW3150A+, PHY, MAG JackW5200, MAG Jack
Host Interface8bit Bus, SPI8bit Bus, SPI8bit Bus, SPI8bit Bus, SPISPI
HW Socket44448
Auto MDIXYesYesYesYesYes
Pin HeaderTwo 2x14Two 2x10Two 2x10Two 2x14Two 1x6
Pin Pitch2mm2.54mm2.5mm2mm2mm
Dimension (mm)52x25x2155.5x25x23.555.5x25x23.552x25x2123 x 25 x 18
Operation Temp (℃)-40 .. 85-40 .. 85-40 .. 85-40 .. 85-40 .. 85
MAC AddressNoNoNoNoNo

WIZ81xMJ Comparision Table