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Modbus Connection Guide

WIZ5xxSR-RP Modbus Connection Overview

WIZ5xxSR-RP supports Modbus TCP server and Modbus UDP mode.

Note : Modbus protocol requires firmware version 1.0.8 or higher to function correctly.

Required Hardware and Software


  • WIZ5xxSR-RP
  • WIZ5xxSR-RP Evaluation Board (WIZ510SR-RP can be used without WIZ5xxSR-RP Evaluation Board.)
  • 5V Power adapter
  • Cables (Ethernet / Serial)


  • WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool

Note : Modbus protocol requires the latest version of WIZnet-S2E-Tool-GUI version 1.5.5 or higher.

How to Connect to Modbus

Step 1: Setup Environment to Use WIZ5xxSR-RP

The process of setup environment to use the WIZ5xxSR-RP each product is available at the 'Getting Started' document below.

Step 2: Setup Modbus Poll & Slave

Setup Modbus Poll & Slave Program.

  • Modbus Poll connects via Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus UDP/IP depending on the settings.
  • Modbus Slave connects via the Serial Port.
Figure: Setup Modbus Poll & Slave Program

Step 3: Setup WIZ5xxSR-RP through WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool for Modbus Connection

  1. Select TCP Server or UDP mode in the Operation mode setting section
Figure: Select TCP Server or UDP mode
  1. Setup Modbus Option
Figure: Setup Setup Modbus Option
  1. Click the Apply Settings button to save the settings
Figure: Click Apply Settings button
Figure: Saved settings

Step 4: Done

WIZ5xxSR-RP is successfully connected to the Modbus!

Figure: connected to the Modbus