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The DataSheet provides the ordering information and mechanical device characteristics of the W7500/W7500P microcontrollers.
The Reference Manual provides the register map of peripherals and brief description.
The PHY Reference provides the How to Access W7500x PHY Register and description of W7500P Internal PHY.
The Errata Sheet describes error Phenomenon and solution .
The Getting Started user's guide describes the installation of MDK: How to make KEIL new project for W7500, How to use MDK for W7500 Peripherals Examples, How to use GCC for W7500 Peripherals Examples and How to use ISP tool from starting a project to using the ISP tool.

Data Sheet

W7500x Datasheet v1.1.0 - English
V 1.1.020DEC2019Fixed 3.17 UART speed to 460.8 Kbit/s from 3 Mbit/s.

Old Datasheet History

V 1.0.018SEP2017Initial Release
V 1.0.126OCT2017Fixed value Driving Strength condition in PADCON.
V 1.0.209NOV2017Fixed Typo I/O Pad Characteristics VOL description (high -> low)
V 1.0.330NOV2017Fixed figure 8. (W7500P Pin out)
V 1.0.418DEC2017Add Reset & PLL characteristics.
V 1.0.530JAN20181. Fixed figure 8 (W7500P Pin layout) / Added subhead (4.2.1 W7500, 4.2.2 W7500P) / Fixed table 8(modified Symbol name)
::::::2. Modified SRAM description (2. Description)
V 1.0.605FEB2018Add info about W7500P power consumption.(Current Characteristics)
V 1.0.727JUL2018Fixed figure 2. CRG Diagram (Input Information of WDOGCLK, TIMCLK0,TIMCLK1).
V 1.0.817OCT2018Fixed Power Supply description
V 1.0.911NOV2019Fixed Power Supply description

Reference Manual

V 1.1.217OCT2018Edit Power supply description

Old Reference Manual History

V 1.0.018SEP2017Initial Release
V 1.0.112OCT2017Edit Flash Chapter.
V 1.0.226OCT2017Edit GPIO,PADCON Register and added Open Drain function
V 1.0.327OCT2017TCKCNTR, RTR, Sn_RTR, Sn_KATMR Additional description added.
V 1.0.409NOV2017Edit PADCON register description CS,DS inverted value.
V 1.0.517NOV2017Edit UARTCR register description about UARTEN.
V 1.0.629NOV2017Edit WZTOE Sn_KATMR description about timer trigger.
V 1.0.726JAN2018Edit typo about PWM preodic mode
V 1.0.812FAB2018Edit Base Address about RTC (4000_4000 -> 4000_E000)
V 1.0.905MAR2018Edit UART2 description & register map.
V 1.1.011APR2018Edit Systick description & PADCON register table fix
::::::Edit Register Table about SSP0, SSP1 (Add FRF)
::::::Edit DSS about SSP0, SSP1
::::::Edit Register map about SSP0, SSP1 (Add FRF)
V 1.1.127JUL2018Fixed figure 4. CRG Diagram (Input Information of WDOGCLK, TIMCLK0,TIMCLK1).
::::::Flash memory lock function Additional description added (11.1)

PHY Reference

How to Access W7500x PHY Register

V1.0.07AUG2018Initial Release

W7500P Internal PHY Datasheet

V1.0.07AUG2018Initial Release

Errata Sheet

V1.2.013MAR2019Erratum 3 – IAP Function Call Failure
::::::Erratum 4 – Two Image Banks Failure
::::::Erratum 5 – Cold Booting Failure

Old Errata Sheet Histroy

V1.0.011JUL2016erratum 1 – W7500x I2C
V1.0.28DEC2016Correct SCL speed
V1.0.318JUN2018erratum 2 – W7500P Transmission Delay Case

Limitation Note ARP problem in the NLB environment

Limitation Note ARP problem in the NLB environment V1.0

ARP problem in the NLB environment V1.0

V 1.012MAR18Initial Document

Getting Started