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ioShield-A (discontinued)


Please note that this product was discontinued. We do not recommend using it in new design.


ioShield-A allows an Arduino board to connect to the Internet.

It is based on the WIZ550io network module which uses WIZnet W5500 ethernet chip(W5500 Datasheet). The WIZnet W5500 provides a network (TCP/IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP. It supports up to eight simultaneous socket connections. And, when Powered on and nRESET triggered, WIZ550io initializes itself with embedded real MAC and default IP address and can be pinged from user’s computer.

As ioShield uses W5500 chipset, instead of W5100 which was used before in the Arduino Ethernet Shield, users needs to use WIZnet Ethernet Library.

Available Board List

Although you have non-AVR Arduino-compatible board, you could use ioShield Hardware. But you should use adequate S/W libraries for each chipsets. please refer to each product's web site.

Available Resource

All design files and source codes for the ioShield can be found on GitHub: