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You can utilize a variety of PoE boards to easily enable Ethernet applications without the need for power lines

Product Family

ImageIsolationPowerOutput VoltageIEEECharacteristicsCompatible BoardBuy
WIZPoE-S1WIZPoE-S1X8W5V802.3afLow EMI, Over Temperature Protection, Auto retrySurf5Shop
WIZPoE-P1WIZPoE-P1O8W5V802.3afLow EMI, Over Temperature Protection, Auto retrySurf5Comming Soon
WIZnet Pico PoEWIZnet-Pico-PoEO8W5V802.3afLow EMI, Over Temperature Protection, OC/OV Protection, Auto retry, Energy EfficientStandalone(Raspberry Pi Pico Compatible)Shop

Common Features of WIZnet PoE Boards

  • IEEE Compliance
  • Mode A(Endspan), Mode B(Midspan)
  • Wide input voltage range
  • High DC/DC convertion efficiency
  • Internal build in 2 channel bridge rectifiers