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Datasheet History

1.0.02013-08-01Initial Release
1.0.12013-09-13Corrected duplicated statements and typing errors (P.14, 23, 24, 28, 39, 51) Corrected descriptions (P.35)
1.0.22013-11-14Changed “descriptions of pin at 1.1 Pin Descriptions” (P.10) starting ”It must be tied to GND to NC (PIN38..42)”
2. corrected typing error: starting “0x02 to 0x42 value of SOCK_MACRAW at 4.2 Socket Registers(P.50)”
1.0.32014-05-29Corrected “Sn_MSSR at 4.2 Socket Register” (P.53): wrong descriptions of Sn_MSSR about FMTU/MTU
1.0.42014-06-131. Added Note about reading size register value (P.56, 58)
2. Added IR Reflow Temperature Profile (P.66)
1.0.52014-11-111. Added description for MISO pin (P.11):The SCSn signal defines MISO pin output value
2. Modified the register notation (P.33), Modified the register notation “Sn_IR at 4.2 Socket Register” (P.49) :from [R] to [RCW1]
3. Corrected typing error: from DICON to DISCON of Sn_SR at 4.2 Socket Register (P.50)
1.0.62014-12-30Corrected typing error : from 0x02 to 0x42 value of SOCK_MACRAW “Sn_CR at 4.2 Socket Registers”(P.46)
1.0.72016-02-241. Corrected Interrupt Assert Wait Time function (P.34)
2. Notice PLLclk is 150MHz (P.34)
1.0.82017-05-191. Corrected Driver Level Range Unit uW/MHz to uW (P.60)
1.0.92019-05-221. Corrected Sn_IMR Description (P.55)
2. Corrected Junction temperature Min value TJ (P.57)
3. Added Maximum junction temperature TJMAX (P.58)
1.1.02022-11-171. Modify Pull-Up Resister Min Value RPU (P.59)
2. Updated latest Package Descriptions (P.64)

WIZ550io History

1.02013-08-01Initial Release
1.12014-01-17Changed "External Transformer + RJ-45 to MAGJACK(inside transformer)"
1.22015-04-20Added “Resistor 33R in MDI line. because EMI issue.”
Changed "PCB artwork. because changed develop tool(PADS -> Altium) "
1.32018-08-10Modified "inner 2 layer copper foil (3V3D). This copper foil plated below of CHAND area. It may affect ESD."