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Make New W6100-EVB Projects using TrueSTUDIO

This page introduces how to make the project for W6100-EVB with different IDEs such as STMicroelectronics TrueSTUDIO.

Make a new W6100-EVB project with TrueSTUDIO IDE

0. Download and install Dev. enviroment & compiler

TrueSTUDIO provides a free Dev. Environment incl. It include IDE and C compiler.
Download the IDE + compiler here:

1. Import libraries to TrueSTUDIO IDE workspace

You should import provided projects to your new project for easy to configure.

Download the projects for W6100-EVB from W6100_EVB GitHub repository. After downloading, import the required project to your workspace.

  1. mouse right click → click to Import

  2. Select General → Existing Projects into Workspace

  3. Select Folder from Github repository

  4. Click Finish

2. Project build And Complete settings

Before Complete, Users should check build project

  1. Project mouse right click -> Click clean project

2. Project mouse right click -> Click project build

From now on, you can make your own application project based on the newly created project for W6100-EVB!
Enjoy W6100-EVB !!