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W7500(P)-S2E [EN]

W7500(P) which WIZ750xx S2E firmware is programmed on


The W7500(P)-S2E is a chip product that has the firmware programmed in the WIZnet W7500 / W7500P MCU. This product includes the latest 'WIZ750SR serial to Ethernet module' firmware which is widely used in various applications around the world



WIZnet S2E Solution

  • WIZnet 'Serial to Ethernet' product is a protocol converter that transmits data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data and converts the TCP/IP data received through the network back into serial data to the serial equipment.

  • With this product, it is possible to easily add an Ethernet networking function to a device supporting UART interface, the devices can be controlled via an Ethernet network - Internet.

We also provide Customization Services such as change / add functions by customer request.

W7500 / W7500P MCU

ARM® Cortex™-M0 based microcontroller

  • Up to 48MHz / 128KB Flash / 16KB RAM
  • 3-UART, 2-SPI, 8-ADC, Timer/PWM, 53-GPIOs, SWD
  • 64 TQFP Package (7x7mm)

Hardwired TCP/IP core integrated

  • Hardwired TCP/IP stack + IEEE 802.3 Ethernet MAC

  • 8-channel hardware sockets with 32KB buffers(SRAM)

  • Supports the TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE


W7500 MII supported for PHY interface


10/100 Ethernet PHY integrated


The following key features are included with the W7500(P)-S2E product.

  • The firmware of the WIZ750SR Series, which is a verified serial to Ethernet module in the field

    • Easy to add Ethernet networking function through UART interface of any device / MCU
    • Support TTL, RS-232C and RS-422/485 serial communication
    • Configurable via Ethernet / Serial interface
  • Unique MAC Address (WIZnet OUI)

  • WIZnet S2E configuration tool

    • Product search, configuration, and firmware update via Ethernet network
  • WIZVSP program

    • WIZnet Virtual Serial Port program for Windows OS
  • Hardware Design Guide & References


  • The following product resources are from WIZ750SR which provides the same function as W7500(P)-S2E chip firmware.


Product Overview

Getting Started Guide (English)/(Korean)

User's Manual (English)/(Korean)

Configuration Tool Manual (English)/(Korean)

Configuration Tool Manual New (English)/(Korean)

CLI Config Tool Tutorial

Device Command Manual (English)/(Korean)

Education Data

Troubleshooting Guide (English)/(Korean)

Update History (English)/(Korean)



Developer's Guide

Developer's Guide (English)/(Korean)


Software Download

Technical References

Customization Services

Grow with WIZnet, Attract New Clients

WIZnet offers Customization services for your specific needs.

We can provide customization services based on W7500(P)-S2E chip products: Depending on the customer application, it is possible to change the initial settings of the product, change the MAC address, add various protocols, and add functions. The developed firmware is programmed into the W7500 / W7500P MCU and delivered to the requesting customer.

We also provide technical support including various hardware guide and references for customer's quick product design-win.

What We Offer

Addable features

Network Protocols

  • HTTP Server / Client
  • MQTT Client
  • SNMPv1
  • NTP
  • FTP Server / Client
  • TFTP

Custom Functions

  • Protocol Converter
  • Ethernet I/O
    • I/O Control
    • I/O Monitoring
    • Event trigger

Changeable options

  • Factory settings
  • MAC address (Customer's OUI|NIC)
  • Application protocols and extensions available through customization services are constantly updated.

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