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WIZ850io is a compact size network module that includes a W5500 (TCP/IP hardwired chip and PHY embedded), a transformer and RJ45. It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W5500 and Transformer. The WIZ850io is an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly. WIZ850io is hardware compatible with WIZ820io. WIZ820io users, to migrate to WIZ850io, need to modify the Firmware.

For the detailed information on implementation of Hardware TCP/IP, refer to the W5500 Datasheet.


Hardware Specification


  • Plugin Network Module.
  • Hardware compatible with WIZ820io.
  • Usable without H/W design for W5500, Transformer & RJ45.
  • Fast evaluation for W5500 & MCU in the target board.
  • Support high speed SPI interface.
  • Support power down mode and Wake-on-LAN function
  • Very small form factor : 23mm x 25mm x 18mm
  • 1 x 6, 2.54mm Pin Header x 2

Pin Out

WIZ850io Pinmap

Pin Description

Pin No.Pin TypePin NameDescription
:::3IMOSISPI Master Out Slave In
This pin is used for SPI MOSI signal pin
:::4ISCLKSPI Clock
This pin is used for SPI Clock Signal pin
:::5ISCNnSPI Slave Select
This pin is used for SPI Slave Select Signal Pin when using SPI interface
:::6IINTnW5500 Interrupt : Low activity
This pin is used for indicating event like socket TCP connection, disconnection, data receiving timeout, WOL(Wake on Lan) and so on occurred in W5500 inside WIZ550io.
The interrupt is cleared by writing IR register or Sn_IR. All interrupts are maskable.
Pin No.Pin TypePin NameDescription
:::2P3.3VPower : 3.3V power supply
:::3P3.3VPower : 3.3V power supply
:::4-NCNot Connect
:::5IRSTnReset : Low activity
Hold at least 500us after asserted to LOW and keep HIGH until next Reset needed.
:::6OMISOSPI Master In Slave Out
This pin is used for SPI MISO signal pin

User need to wait for 50ms after this pin is changed to HIGH to communicate with WIZ850io. (Refer to 5. Timing Diagram)


DC Characteristic

VDDSupply voltage3.3V2.973.33.63V
VILHigh level input voltageALL2.05.5V
VIHLow level input voltageALL-0.30.8V
VOLLow level output voltageALL0.4V
VOHHigh level output voltageALL2.4V
LOLLow level output CurrentALL8.613.918.9mA
LOHHigh level output CurrentALL12.526.947.1mA
IDDSupply Current
(Normal operation mode)
LOHSupply Current
(Power Down mode)

Power Dissipation

100M Link-128-mA
10M Link-75-mA
Un-Link (Auto-negotiation mode)-65-mA
100M Transmitting-132-mA
10M Transmitting-79-mA
Power Down mode-13-mA

SPI Operations

As WIZ850io consists of W5500 and others, SPI operation of WIZ850io follows one of W5500. For more information about SPI operation of WIZ850io, please refer to W5500 Datasheet.

Timing Diagram

Reset Timing

WIZ850io Reset Timing

TRCReset Cycle Time500us-
TPLInternal Auto Configuration Time-50ms

SPI Timing

WIZ850io SPI Timing

FsckSCLK Clock Frequency-80MHz
TWHSCLK High duration6-ns
TWLSCLK Low duration6-ns
TCSnSCS High duration5-ns



  • WIZ850io V1.0 3D PDF : Download
    * This PDF must be run using the 'Adobe Acrobat'.

WIZ850io Dimension