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W5500-io is a compact size network module that includes a W5500 (TCP/IP hardwired chip and PHY embedded).It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W5500. The W5500-io an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly. W5500-io is hardware compatible with W5100s-io and W6100-io.

For the detailed information on implementation of Hardware TCP/IP, refer to the W5500 Datasheet.


Hardware Specification


  • Plugin Network Module.
  • Hardware compatible with W5100S-io, W6100-io.
  • Usable without H/W design for W5500.
  • Fast evaluation for W5500 & MCU in the target board.
  • Support high speed SPI interface.
  • Support power down mode and Wake-on-LAN function
  • Very small form factor : 20mm x 24mm x 2.6mm

Pin Out

Pin Description

Pin No.Pin TypePin NameDescription
:::3PRCTRX Center Tap
This pin should be connect with external pulse transformer's RCT pin
:::4PTCTTX Center Tap
This pin should be connect with external pulse transformer's TCT pin
Pin No.Pin TypePin NameDescription
:::3IMOSIMaster Out Slave In
This pin is used for SPI MOSI signal pin
:::4ISCLKSPI clock input
:::5ICSnChip select input
:::6OINTnInterrupt output
Low: Interrupt asserted from W5500
High: No interrupt
:::7OLINKLINK status output
Low : Link
High : Un Link
Pin No.Pin TypePin NameDescription
:::2P3.3VPower : 3.3V power supply
:::3P3.3VPower : 3.3V power supply
:::4-NCNot Connect
:::5IRSTnReset : Low activity
Hold at least 500us after asserted to LOW and keep HIGH until next Reset needed.
:::6OMISOSPI Master In Slave Out
This pin is used for SPI MISO signal pin
:::7OACTnActive LED
Low: Carrier sense from the active PMD
High: No carrier sense


DC Characteristic

VDDSupply voltage3.3V2.973.33.63V
VILHigh level input voltageALL2.05.5V
VIHLow level input voltageALL-0.30.8V
VOLLow level output voltageALL0.4V
VOHHigh level output voltageALL2.4V
LOLLow level output CurrentALL8.613.918.9mA
LOHHigh level output CurrentALL12.526.947.1mA
IDDSupply Current
(Normal operation mode)
LOHSupply Current
(Power Down mode)

Power Dissipation

100M Link-128-mA
10M Link-75-mA
Un-Link (Auto-negotiation mode)-65-mA
100M Transmitting-132-mA
10M Transmitting-79-mA
Power Down mode-13-mA

SPI Operations

As W5500-io consists of W5500 and others, SPI operation of W5500-io follows one of W5500. For more information about SPI operation of W5500-io, please refer to W5500 Datasheet.

Schematic & Artwork


Reference Schematic

Part list


  • W5500-io V100 Dimension
    • 24mm x 20mm x 1.0mm ( PCB board size )
    • 24mm x 20mm x 2.6mm ( Included part size )