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Make New W5100S-EVB Projects using STM32CubeIDE

This page introduces how to make the project for W5100S-EVB with different IDEs such as STMicroelectronics STM32CubeIDE.

Make a new W5100S-EVB project with STM32CubeIDE

0. Download and install Dev. enviroment & compiler

STM32CubeIDE provides a free Dev. Environment incl. It include IDE and C compiler.
Download the IDE + compiler here:

1. Import libraries to STM32CubeIDE workspace

You should import provided projects to your new project for easy to configure.

Download the projects for W6100-EVB from W5100S_EVB GitHub repository. After downloading, import the required project to your reposiroty or workspace.

1-1. click .project file in reposiroty

1-2. Project File Creation Completed

2-1. mouse right click → click to [Import]

2-2. Select -> [Project from folder or Archive]

2-3. Select Folder from Github repository

2-4. Click Finish

2. Project build And Complete settings

Before Complete, Users should check build configuration

1-1. Project mouse right click -> Click Properties

1-2. [C/C++Build]->[Settings]->Click [Convert to Intel Hex file]

1-3. [C/C++General]->[Paths and Symbols]->[Includes]-> insert Paths

1-4. [C/C++General]->[Paths and Symbols]->[Includes]-> insert Symbols

2-1. Project mouse right click -> Click [Clean Project]

2-2. Project mouse right click -> Click [Build Project]

From now on, you can make your own application project based on the newly created project for W5100S-EVB!
Enjoy W5100S-EVB !!