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Key Features

  • Evaluation Board for W7100A
  • Expansion port
  • Provide WizISP for programming
  • Support various interface : serial, Ethernet, DTAG
  • Embedded 64Kbyte Flash memory, 64Kbyte RAM, 256Byte Data flash


  • MCU : iMCU W7100A
    • 64Kbyte Data memory, 64Kbyte Code memory, 2Kbyte Boot code memory, 256Byte Data flash
  • Serial : On board RS-232C 1 port with DB9 connector
  • MAG Jack : On board MAG-Jack (Transformer + RJ-45 connector)
  • LCD : 16 character x 2 line character LCD
  • LED : User debugging LED 3EA / Network status LED 8EA
  • Button : On board debugger socket
  • Expansion Port (MCU port expansion)
    • 32Pin (8pin*4) 2.54mm Pitch Pin-Header Hole
    • 14Pin (7pin*2) 2.54mm Pitch Pin-Header Hole
    • 32Pin (8pin*4) 2.00mm Pitch Pin-Header Hole
    • 14Pin (7pin*2) 2.00mm Pitch Pin-Header Hole
  • Dummy Hole
    • 167Pin 2.54mm Pitch Dummy Hole
    • 236Pin 2.00mm Pitch Dummy Hole
  • Power : DC5V /2A Adaptor
  • PCB Size : 120 x 80mm



iMCU7100-EVB Schematic

Hardware Schematic of iMCU7100-EVB V1.1


iMCU7100-EVB Part List

Part List of iMCU7100-EVB V1.0 & V1.1