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The ioLibrary means "Internet Offload Library" for WIZnet chip. It includes drivers and application protocols. The ioLibrary can be used for W5100S application designs. These will be updated continuously.



This driver provides the Berkeley Socket type APIs. The function names of this ioLibrary_BSD are the same as the function names of the ioLibrary.

  • Directory Structure
    • Ethernet : SOCKET APIs like BSD & WIZCHIP(W5500,W5200 and etc) Driver
    • Internet :
      • DHCP client
      • DNS client
      • FTP client
      • FTP Server
      • Http Server
      • SNMP
      • SNTP
      • TFTP


ioLibrary : latest version

ioLibrary GitHub Repository

For more information on ioLibrary, click 🌎W5500 Driver