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Reference Schematic

External Transformer Type

W5500 Ref.Schematic - External Transformer

W5500 Ref.Schematic (External Transformer)

RJ45 with Transformer Type

W5500 Ref.Schematic - RJ45 with Transformer

W5500 Reference Schematic (RJ45 with Transformer)

RJ45 with integrated Transformer and connected CT

For using connected CT signals inside the Transformer or inside RJ45 the matching network (2x 50R) of the RX+/- signals must be isolated from CT (3.3V). For that isolation we need C23 and C24.
Please refer to the following schematic:

  • C23 and C24 must be added. Otherwise, W5500 won't operate well.
  • And by connected center tap, Power dissipation may be raised.
  • Use a MAGJACK without connected center tap when you have to use one with connected center tap.

The RJ45 from UDE (RB1-125BAG1A) is used in many of our W5100 and W7100A related Modules.

External Transformer

RJ45 with integrated Transformer

    1. we use the J1B1211CCD from CETUS in our W5500-EVB, WIZ550io, WIZ550S2E and WIZ550web Modules.
    1. we use the RB1-125BAG1A from UDE in most of our our W5100 & W7100A related Plug-In and Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) Modules.