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WIZ750SR-110 is a compact sized serial to Ethernet module using the W7500 Ethernet MCU (SoC based on ARM Cortex-M0 architecture) with External PHY(IC+). WIZ750SR-110 is a protocol converter that transmits data sent by serial equipment as TCP/IP data, and converts the TCP/IP data received through the network back into serial data to the serial equipment. It complies with industrial temperature standard.

WIZ750SR-110 is compatible[1] with the WIZnet WIZ110SR S2E module. In addition, WIZ750SR-110 contains an 4-pin GPIO expansion port that can be controlled freely by the user. (analog input or digital in/out)

Also, WIZ750SR-110 is compatible to control command with WIZ107SR(WIZ750SR).

WIZ750SR-110 is the best fit solution to control user's serial device via Ethernet network.

Also compatible with WIZ750SR[2] is designed to be used. Users can use various kinds of boards if only changing board selection in firmware. (ex WIZ750SR, WIZ750SR-100, WIZ750SR-105, WIZ750SR-110)


  • Serial to Ethernet Module based on W7500 MCU (TTL level)
  • Included External PHY chip
  • Software and Hardware compatible with WIZ110SR S2E Module
  • 10/100Mbps Ethernet & Up to 230kbps serial speed
  • Use D-SUB9 port in data line
  • 4-Pins Configurable User's I/O
  • Status pins: PHY link status / TCP connection status
  • Serial signals(TTL or RS-232C)
    • WIZ750SR-110 module(RS-232C): TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS
    • Optional DTR/DSR signals supported (Status pins or DTR/DSR pins selectable)
  • Separate Data UART and Debug UART port
  • Supports a search password
  • Configuration is possible via serial AT commands or via Configuration tool
  • Support WIZ VSP (Virtual Serial Port) program
  • Built in 10/100Mbps Ethernet ESD Protection IC
  • Built in Supervisor IC for improvements of Reset function stability
  • PCB Board design 63mm X 45mm (Length x Width)
  • Compact sized desig 75mm X 45mm X 18mm (Length x Width x Height)

Product Contents

WIZ750SR-110 Module Series

Ordering InformationItemQ'tyRemarks
WIZ750SR-110WIZ750SR-110 module(RS-232C)1-

WIZ750SR-110 Evaluation Board Series

Ordering InformationCategoryItemQ'tyRemarks
PakageDeviceWIZ750SR-110 module1-
:::CableD-SUB9-FEMALE serial cable1Data port
::::::24AWG CAT5e UTP cable1LAN cable

* It can be replaced with better components to improve the performance of the product.

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