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WIZnet’s WIZ510SSL module will enable users to send serial data to the Cloud via Ethernet. Users can save certifications using the Arm TrustZone and F/W updates are done via Dual Bank. WIZ510SSL can connect to SSL server and transmit data to various cloud services via MQTT over SSL.

Figure: W510SSL Product Overview

WIZ510SSL is WIZnet’s first serial to cloud module, composed of W5100S and STM Cortex M33, can connect to all 3 major IoT cloud services – AWS, Azure, and GCP. WIZnet also provides its own WIZnet IoT Cloud service that can save authentications and update F/W via Dual bank. WIZ510SSL is projected to be both price competitive (30% cheaper in average) and safer than the current comparison products in the market.


  • MCU : STM32L552CET6 Cortex-M33​
  • Connectivity : W5100S iEthernet IC​
  • Serial Signals : UART TTL - TXD, RXD, RTS, CTS​
  • Optional DTR/DSR signals supported
  • Protocol : TCP Server / Client, UDP, SSL TCP Client, MQTT
  • MQTT over SSL
  • SSL Version : TLS 1.2​
  • MQTT Version : MQTT 3.1.2
  • Certificate on ARM Trust zone
  • Secure Safety FOTA (Encryption, DualBank)

Cloud connectivity

  • Supports 3 main IoT Service: AWS, AZURE, GCP
  • AWS FreeRTOS + CLI (AWS FreeRTOS Qualified)​
  • AWS Embedded SDK C (AWS IoT Core Qualified)
  • WIZnet Cloud Certificate Service
  • HTTPS Auto Provisioning​

Product Contents

WIZ510SSL-EVB Package



W510SSL Module Series

Ordering InformationItemQ'tyRemarks
WIZ510SSLWIZ510SSL module1-

W510SSL Evaluation Board Series

Ordering InformationCategoryItemQ'tyRemarks
WIZ510SSL-EVBDeviceWIZ510SSL module1-
::::::WIZ510SSL-EVB board1-
:::CableD-SUB9-FEMALE serial cable1Data port
::::::USB 2.0 Micro B type cable 1M1Debug port
::::::24AWG CAT5e UTP cable1LAN cable

Contents can be replaced with better components to improve the performance of the product.