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CoIDE just provides development environment without tool-chains. So you need to install tool-chains at first. We use ARM gcc 4.7 for tool-chains.

ARM GCC 4.7 Features:

  • All GCC 4.7 features, plus latest mainline features - Additional code size optimizations - Newlib-nano: newlib branch optimized for code size

Download the latest arm-gcc-embbed

CooCox Open IDE

CooCox provides integration development environment called CoIDE for ARM Cortex M series microcontrollers. CoIDE supports ARM gcc based development environment of eclipse.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista / Windows 7


  • Free to use - Full functional IDE - Component-oriented development platform - Internet-based, efficient integration of network resources - Integrates CoOS - Peripheral registers

CoIDE Download and learn more

Tool-chains setting in CoIDE

Before you use CoIDE to start your project, you need to config the GCC compiler at first.

Compiler Setting in CoIDE

CoX-Peripheral Interface

Cox-Peripheral interface is Common Wrapper Interface to port peripheral easily which is different in each vendors. If SPI is designed by Cox-Peripheral Interface starting as x(e.g. xGPIOModeSet), you can operate by changing just SPI interface PIN setting in each MCUs or EVB-boards.

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