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Before Tutorial

Tutorial Using CoIDE

  • Click the CoIDE icon

  • The welcome page is a convenient entry for “Browse in Repository”, “Create a New Project”, “Open a Project”, refer to “User Guide” and go to “Forum"

  • A wizard window will pop up, enter a name for the project (my project name: LoopbackTest)),You can also modify the Project Path.

  • Choose a model. For example, select ''Chip Model', then click “Next”.

  • Select a chip. For example, select "M0516LBN"

  • Click "Finish". CoIDE automatically generates LoopbackTest.coproj file and one configuration: "LoopbackTest".

  • Click the Repository Button

  • Check a component; for example, select 'GPIOSPIUARTCoX.cookie.M051.configC library''Retarget printf'. CoIDE will automatically check the components, which are depended by the checked component.

Tutorial Using W5500

Change code before compile

  • Select the file "stdio.h/printf.c". You want to use "printf", you have to add as below.

void PrintChar(char c)
/* Send a char like:
while(Transfer not completed);
Transmit a char;
xUARTCharPut(xUART0_BASE,c); // additional items
  • Select the define variable in "ethernet/w5500". You should select interface mode and kind of chip.

#define WIZCHIP 5500 // 5100, 5200, 5500

#if (WIZCHIP == 5500) #define WIZCHIP_ID "W5500\0" // #define WIZCHIP_IO_MODE WIZCHIP_IO_MODE_SPI_FDM #define WIZCHIP_IO_MODE WIZCHIP_IO_MODE_SPI_VDM #include "W5500/w5500.h" <markdown> - Select the define variable in "common/common.h". You can modify the Log Level.

//------------------------------ Etc ------------------------------
#define WIZ_LOG_LEVEL 2 // 0: No print, 1: Error, 2: Error+Log, 3: Error+Log+Debug

Download :

  • Enter the menu (view > Configuration)

  • You can select the Hardware Adapter type(Colink EX)

  • In the project view, select the parent directory in which you want to create the Group (If you do not select the parent directory, the default is the root directory of the project), select Add Group and Add file in context menu

  • You should make up same file path

  • Select the complie button. If necessary, you can select Rebuild to recompile your project or select Clean to clean-up the project that has been compiled.

  • compile result

  • Click the "Download" button to download code to flash

  • download result

  • You can confirm the serial value through terminal program