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Software Checklist

Libraries and SamplesDownload Link
Visual Studio 2019 (Enterprise, Progessional or Community edition)Link
Visual Studio Code (Support Window/Linux OS)Link
Microsoft Azure Sphere SDK (Support Window/Linux OS)Link

User Applications for ASG210

Libraries and SamplesDescriptionGithub Repository
ASG210-examplesPeripheral Interface examples for each M4 core and A7 core

- GPIO_HLApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- GPIO_RTApp_mt3620_BareMetal

- I2C_HLApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- I2C_RTApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- I2C_SSD1306_HLApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- I2C_SSD1306_RTApp_mr3620_BareMetal

- UART_HLApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- UART_RTApp_mt3620_BareMetal
- UART_Openlog_RTApp_mt3620_BareMetal

DHCP Server/Client
- DHCP_Client_HLApp
- DHCP_Client_RTApp
- DHCP_Server_HLApp
- DHCP_Server_RTApp
Github Link
ASG210_ApplicationAzure IoT Application using variety peripheral Interfaces
- Dual Ethernet Azure IoT Application
Github Link

Key USI documents are located in the IoT Devices tab

Key Mediatek and Microsoft documentation is located at:

Technical Support Resources: