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Reference Schematic

External Transformer Type#

W5500 Ref.Schematic - External Transformer

W5500 Ref.Schematic (External Transformer)

RJ45 with Transformer Type#

W5500 Ref.Schematic - RJ45 with Transformer

W5500 Reference Schematic (RJ45 with Transformer)

RJ45 with integrated Transformer and connected CT#

For using connected CT signals inside the Transformer or inside RJ45 the matching network (2x 50R) of the RX+/- signals must be isolated from CT (3.3V). For that isolation we need C23 and C24.
Please refer to the following schematic:

  • C23 and C24 must be added. Otherwise, W5500 won't operate well.
  • And by connected center tap, Power dissipation may be raised.
  • So, you'd better use a MAGJACK without connected center tap except the case that you have to use one with connected center tap.

The RJ45 from UDE (RB1-125BAG1A) is used in many of our W5100 and W7100A related Modules.

Recommended RJ45 using W5500#

External Transformer#

RJ45 with integrated Transformer#

  • 1) we use the J1B1211CCD from CETUS in our W5500-EVB, WIZ550io, WIZ550S2E and WIZ550web Modules.
  • 2) we use the RB1-125BAG1A from UDE in most of our our W5100 & W7100A related Plug-In and Serial-to-Ethernet (S2E) Modules.