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Make New W5100S-EVB Projects using TrueSTUDIO

This page introduces that how to make the project for W5100S-EVB with different IDEs like STMicroelectronics TrueSTUDIO.

Make a new W5100S-EVB project with TrueSTUDIO IDE#

0. Download and install Dev. enviroment & compiler#

TrueSTUDIO provides a free Dev. Environment incl. It include IDE and C compiler.
Download the IDE + compiler here:

1. Select 'New project' and project type#

1. Execute TrueSTUDIO IDE

  • Mouse right click in left side bar -> New -> select C Project

2. Select Embedded C Project

  • Write to the project name and click to 'next'

3. Select to STM32F1 -> MCUs -> STM32F103VC and click to 'next'
* Select Thumb-2 and little Endian

4. Select Newlib standard and click to 'next'

5. Select ST-LINK Debug probe and click to 'next'

6. Click to Finish

2. Import libraries to TrueSTUDIO IDE workspace#

You should import provided library projects to your new project for easy to configure. This is the required library components for new projects as follows.

  • Folder list
    • ioLibrary_Driver
    • CMSIS
    • CMSIS_boot
    • stm_lib
    • syscalls
  • File list
    • main.c
    • HALInit.c
    • HALInit.h
    • msgq.c
    • msgq.h
    • serialCommand.c
    • serialCommand.h
    • W5100SRelFunctions.c
    • W5100SRelFunctions.h

Download the libraries and projects for W5100S-EVB from W5100S-EVB GitHub repository. After downloading, import the required project libraries to your workspace.

1. Delete "main.c", "tiny_printf.c", "stm32f1xx_it.c", "stm32f1xx_it.h" these files

2. Src folder mouse right click -> click to Import

3. Select General -> Archive File

4. Select Library from Github repository

5. check to import files as below picture
* Until now we loaded library file lists.

  • Next, we will load folder lists.

6. Mouse right click to Libraries folder -> click to Import

7. Select General -> Archive File

8. Select Library from Github repository

9. Check to import folders as below picture

  • Until now we loaded all files
  • It is done to import files

3. Set to Properties#

Next step we will do set to Build & General setting in properties. It set must be necessary.

1. Execute properties in the menu (click project -> properties)

2. Click C/C++ Build tap -> Settings -> Tool Settings -> Assembler -> Symbols and adds defined symbols list as below picture

3. As above action that adds defined symbols in C compiler Symbols as below picture

4. And Click Other tap-> Output format and check to Convert build output as below picture

5. Next, Click C/C+ General tap -> Paths and Symbols -> includes -> GNU C and adds include directories list as below picture

6. As above action that adds include directories in S,s,asm section as below picture

4. Modify stm32f10x.h file#

Users should be modified to stm32f10x.h as below picture.

  • Modified point is refer to below words and picture
  • "#define HSE_VALUE ((uint32_t)8000000)" -> "#define HSE_VALUE ((uint32_t)12000000)"

5. Project build And Complete settings#

Before Complete, Users should check build project

1. Project mouse right click -> Click clean project

2. Project mouse right click -> Click project build

From now on, you can make your own application project based on the newly created project for W5100S-EVB!
Enjoy W5100S-EVB !!