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1.WizFi250 Evaluation Board

The WizFi250 EVB is the evaluation board for testing WizFi250 and prototyping development. WizFi250 EVB is composed of a WizFi250 evaluation board and a WizFi250 module.

Feature Identification#

Button Description#

WizFi250 ResetThrough this button, user can restart WizFi250 module.
FunctionThrough the function button, user can enter specific mode without AT Command.โ™ฆ Factory Recovery : When doing Boot or Reset, press the button over 3.5 secondsโ™ฆ AP Mode : When module is working, press it once.โ™ฆ OTA Mode : When module is working, press it twice.โ™ฆ Factory Default : When module is working, press it three times.
Arduino Board ResetWith this button, user can restart Arduino board

LED Description#

UART RX/TXIndicate UART RX/TX Status
Power LEDIndicate Power On/Off of WizFi250
Mode LEDIndicate Data/Command Mode โ™ฆ LOW(ON) : Data Mode โ™ฆ HIGH(OFF) : Command Mode
Wi-Fi LEDIndicate Wi-Fi Association โ™ฆ LOW(ON) : Wi-Fi is associated โ™ฆ HIGH(OFF) : Wi-Fi is not associated

Pin Description#

BOOTEnter boot mode โ™ฆ SHORT : Start in boot mode โ™ฆ OPEN : Start in application mode
5V PowerAlternative choice for 5V power supply
GPIO PinThrough this pin, user can use GPIO signal

Interface Description#

UART1 InterfaceAlternative choice for Serial interface.
SPI InterfaceThrough these pins, user can control SPI interface.
USB InterfaceThis provides power supply & Serial interface Default serial information:โ™ฆ Baud rate : 115200 โ™ฆ Data rate : 8 โ™ฆ Stop bits : 1 โ™ฆ Parity : None โ™ฆ Flow control : None

Interface Board PIN Map#

Interface Board Dimension#