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Examples - WiFi Direct

This section explains how to connect to smartphone using WizFi250 with < WiFi Direct>. In this example, target smartphone information is as below.
( smartphone model : Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Android Version : 4.3, Model Number : SHV-E250S )

Basic Information#

< WiFi Direct> is supported after WizFi250 F/W v1.0.1.1.

WizFi250 Version (WIZnet Co.Ltd)at+minfoFW version/HW version1.0.1.1/WizFi250 Rev 1.0[OK]

WiFi Direct Start#

First, you need to enable < WiFi Direct> in your smartphone.
And, you can start < WiFi Direct> in WizFi250 using < AT+WP2P_START> command.


WiFi Direct Connect#

To connect your smartphone to WizFi250 via < WiFi Direct>, select < WizFi250-P2P> in the list as below.

After dozens of seconds, your smartphone will connect to WizFi250 via < WiFi Direct >

And you can see the result of < WiFi Direct> in WizFi250.

AT+WP2P_STARTSTA MAC: CE:52:AF:C6:CF:B5[OK]Found P2P device: SHV-E250SSending IdentitySending IdentitySending nonceSending hashesSending WSC Done
[Link-Up Event]  IP Addr    :  Gateway    :

As above, ip address of WizFi250 is <> and that of smartphone is <>

Data Communication#

After the connection, you can issue < AT+SCON > command for for data communication.


And, I just used a general TCP client App in the smartphone for the test.

Now, WizFi250 and smartphone can communicate each other via < WiFi Direct>.

{0,,47160,19}Hello WizFi250.....{0,,47160,19}Hello WizFi250.....`