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5.Technical specification

Absolute maximum rating#

Supply PowerMax +3.6 Volt
Storage Temperature- 40° to 85° Celsius
Voltage ripple+/- 2% MaxValues not exceeding Operating voltage

Recommendable operation condition#

Temperature, humidity#

The WizFi250 can withstand the operational requirements as listed in the table below.

Operating Temperature-20° to 85° Celsius
Humidity rangeMax 95%, Non condensing, relative humidity
  • The maximum operating ambient temperature can be up to 85°. Exposure to absolute-maximum-rated conditions may cause performance degradation and affect device reliability. For the best performance -20° to 75° is recommended.


Power supply for the WizFi250 module will be provided by the host via power pins.

VBAT_WLpower supply for WizFi2503.03.33.6V
VDDIO_3V3_WLhost Interface power supply3.03.33.6V
VBAT_MICRObackup operating voltage3.03.33.6V
VDD_3V3power supply for MCU3.03.33.6V

Current consumption#

The WizFi250 on operation output current consumption :

MCU modeWiFi mode (802.11n)Typ. (RMS)Max.
Normal modeNot Associated14 mA18 mA
Normal modeAssociated67 mA69 mA
Normal modeAssociated
(IEEE Power Save mode)
32 mA65 mA
Stop modeAssociated
(IEEE Power Save mode)
14 mA17 mA
Stop modeNot Associated3 mA23 mA

The WizFi250 on TX mode output current consumption :
(Typical spec is defined @3.3V 25℃ ; MAX. spec is defined @3.0V 70℃)

Current ConsumptionTyp.Max.
Tx output power @16.5 dBm on 11b 1M385 mA430 mA
Tx output power @ 16.5 dBm on 11b 11M370 mA410 mA
Tx output power @ 15 dBm on 11g 6M345 mA380 mA
Tx output power @ 13 dBm on 11g 54M290 mA320 mA
Tx output power @ 14.5 dBm on 11n MCS0315 mA350 mA
Tx output power @ 12 dBm on 11n MCS7265 mA295 mA

The WizFi250 on RX mode current consumption :
(Typical spec is defined @3.3V 25℃; MAX. spec is defined @3.0V 70℃)

Current ConsumptionTyp.Max.
Rx @ 11b 1M120 mA150 mA
Rx @ 11b 11M120 mA150 mA
Rx @ 11g 6M120 mA150 mA
Rx @ 11g 54M120 mA150 mA
Rx @ 11n MCS0120 mA150 mA
Rx @ 11n MCS7120 mA150 mA

Wireless specifications#

WizFi250 complies with following features and standards;

WLAN StandardsIEEE 802 11 b/g/n
Antenna Connecter PortOne printed antenna, one U.FL connector for external antenna
Frequency Band2.400 GHz ~ 2.484 GHz
Number of Sub ChannelsCH1 to CH14
Supported data rates11b1, 2, 5.5, 11 (Mbps)
:::11g6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54 (Mbps)
:::11nHT20 MCS0(6.5Mbps) to HT20 MCS7(65Mbps)

Specifications of WiFi’s output power, evm, sensitivity#

The WizFi250 WiFi output power is listed in the table below:

RF Average Output Power, 802.11b CCK Mode1M16.5+/- 1.5dBm
:::11M16.5+/- 1.5dBm
RF Average Output Power, 802.11g OFDM Mode6M15+/- 1.5dBm
:::54M13+/- 1.5dBm
RF Average Output Power, 802.11n OFDM ModeMCS014.5+/- 1.5dBm
:::MCS712+/- 1.5dBm

WiFi TX EVM following the IEEE spec as listed in the table below:

CharacteristicsIEEE SpecUnit
RF Average Output EVM (11b)@1 Mbps-10dB
:::@11 Mbps-10dB
RF Average Output EVM (11g)@6 Mbps-5dB
:::@54 Mbps-25dB
RF Average Output EVM (11n)@ MCS0-5dB
:::@ MCS7-28dB

The WizFi250 Wi-Fi sensitivity as listed in the table below:

Receiver CharacteristicsTyp.Max.Unit
PER <8%, Rx Sensitivity @ 1 Mbps-96-89dBm
PER <8%, Rx Sensitivity @ 11 Mbps-88-84dBm
PER <10%, Rx Sensitivity @ 6 Mbps-90-83dBm
PER <10%, Rx Sensitivity @ 54 Mbps-74-70dBm
PER <10%, Rx Sensitivity @ MCS0-89-83dBm
PER <10%, Rx Sensitivity @ MCS7-71-67dBm