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Product Information(Eng)


This document provides information and examples for the utilization WIZwiki-W7500 mbed Starter Kit products. Include the following:

  • Product Feature
  • Kit Includes
  • Tutorials
  • Related documents

mbed Starter Kit all parts

The WIZwiki-W7500 mbed Starter Kit is a product that you can learn how to take advantage of ๐ŸŒŽWIZwiki-W7500 platform board.

This Kit includes the WIZwiki-W7500 board, USB cable, LAN cable, breadboards, jumper wires, sensors, buttons, LEDs and resistors for users to implement the hardware DIY.

Using a variety of libraries and sample code posted on the ARM mbed, any novice user can easily implement oneโ€™s own application.

Product Feature#

This starter kit is suitable for beginners who want to make IoT device

Because WIZwiki-W7500 platform board has been mbed-enabled, user can use free on-line compiler and various examples in site.

This kit includes a USB cable, a LAN cable, two breadboards, jumper wires, sensors, buttons, LEDs and resistors.

Kit Includes#

Part Name Description Q.Ty
WIZwiki-W7500 ARM Cortex-M0 Test Board 1
USB cable USB Mini-B, 1meter 1
LAN cable CAT5, 1meter 1
Breadboard 55 x 85 mm 2
Resistor (330 Ohm) 1/4W J(5%) 330 Ohm 20
Resistor (10K Ohm) 1/4W J(5%) 10K Ohm 20
Pushbutton Switch Momentary Pushbutton Switch 4
LED (Red) 5pi DIP type Red LED 5
LED (Green) 5pi DIP type Green LED 5
LED (Yellow) 5pi DIP type Yellow LED 5
Rotary Potentiometer Rotary Potentiometer / 10K Ohm 1
Humidity & TemperaturDHT11 (Humidity & Temperature Sensor) 1
Temperature Sensor TMP36GT9 (Low Voltage Temperature Sensor) 1
Photo Resistor PGM5537D (CDS Photo Resistor) 1
Magnetic Buzzer SM-1205C (Magnetic Buzzer) 1
Jumper Wire (M/M) Various Colors, 26 AWG, 6" (15 cm) Jumper wires 40
Jumper Wire (M/F) Various Colors, 26 AWG, 8" (20 cm) Jumper wires 10

Kit parts datasheet#


This tutorial helps user experiment mbed examples with on-line compiler.

Related documents#

These documents are available at the ARM mbed website.

These documents are available at WIZnetโ€™s website.