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Azure Sphere Guardian ASG210


WIZnet Azure Sphere Guardian 210 (ASG210) is designed for the existing system, Brown-field, which is reqired to data communication with Cloud service or remote access, on Azure Sphere Security system which ganuntees high-level security in hardware & network side. ASG210 supports a variety of interfaces, GPIOs/I2C/UART(RS232/485/422) to help reducing additional cost for Brown-field system introducing high-level security system and Cloud service.


  • Data transfer between the private network and the public network
  • Supports GPIOs/I2C/UART(RS232/485/422) interface for the exsiting system, Brown-field.
  • Supports Micro SD Card based on SPI interface
  • Certificate management
    • By console
    • By Azure Sphere Service
    • By Configuration tool thru Ethernet (Under development)
  • Support TLS session in private network
  • Support BLE software download and debug interface for JLINK
  • Auto switching between Wi-Fi and Ethernet for public networks optionally
  • Support USB interface for debug and programming
  • Support M4 Core UART debugging interface


Hardware Overview#

ASG210 Connections#

An overview of how ASG210 interface to the equipment in local network is as follows:

  1. Power provided to ASG210 with 5V2A power adapter, power status LED turned on.
  2. For equipment with as Ethernet interface, connect Ethernet cable from ASG210โ€™s LAN port to the equipment.
  3. Connect another Ethernet cable from ASG210โ€™s WAN port to internet router for public network.
  4. Once connected, the LEDs on ASG210 should be as follows:

DC Power Cable Specification#

Power to ASG210 is supplied directly via 5V2A DC connector or via the debugger board USB Micro B connector.

Product Handling#


To Program and operate ASG210, the below components, Debugger, Micro USB cable and 5V2A power adapter, are needed.