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I/O control of WIZ550web performs I/O control and monitoring using CGI. The web page is configured to obtain the status value (GET) of the web server or to transfer the changed value of the web page to the web server (POST) by utilizing the 🌎HTTP GET / POST method. In order to perform this operation, the HTML/JavaScript(AJAX) of the web page and the CGI handler of the web server must be implemented in a consistent manner. A description of CGI is provided in Getting Started Guide:CGI for WIZ550web.

Users can understand and utilize I/O interface function implemented in WIZ550web through Tutorial. This allows users to access the Web server from a remote location, monitor the status of the user device, or create a user-specific WIZ550 web page that performs I/O on/off functions.

This tutorial covers the following topics:

Tutorial 0: Introduce the I/O Interface functions and test webpage

  • It introduces the basic operation of Web browser and WIZ550web, and introduces predefined I / O interface function and test page so that user can modify web page and configure web site for desired form of I/O control.

Tutorial 1: Set the Digital I/O Status

  • This tutorial introduces the creation of a Web page that can control the On / Off state of Digital I/O (16) provided by WIZ550web. This allows the user to control the LED / Relay of the product via the web. You can also create Digital I/O Direction (Input/Output/None) control functions by applying the functions learned through this tutorial.
  • Tutorial 2: Get the Digital I/O Status
  • Tutorial 3: Get the Analog Input Value
  • Tutorial 4: Get/Set the WIZ550web IP Settings
  • Tutorial 5: Real-time Data Update on WIZ550web Web page
  • Tutorial 6: How to Make Custom Interface Functions with WIZ550web

The specification for predefined I/O functions can be found in the following guide.

Guide Document WIZ550web Get/Set Interface Functions Guide

Tutorial 0: Introduce the I/O Interface functions

Interface Functions Guide for WIZ550web#


WIZ550web provides the HTTP Request function set for CGI so that device name and network setting, control and monitoring of each digital I/O and analog input can be performed only by making web page without modification of firmware.

It is implemented with GET/SET interface. By using JavaScript and AJAX to request CGI corresponding to each function with HTTP GET/POST method, user can easily implement web page that can control WIZ550web Can be.

In the case of a GET command, it is configured to obtain a value in the form of a JavaScript Callback function for the corresponding request. For the SET command, you can send the value you want to set to WIZ550web by including it in the HTTP request with the CGI request in the form of specified Web form element.

Please refer to 'Getting Started Guide:CGI for WIZ550web' for the CGI of WIZ550web.

Download and Link#

Get/Set interface Web pages and firmware for testing using CGI can be downloaded from the following link.

WIZ550web GitHub Repository


WIZ550web GitHub Repository: Webpage source code

🌎GET/SET Interface functions Testpage

WIZ550web GET/SET Interface#

The CGI list for the GET/SET interface of WIZ550web is shown below.

GET Function List#

Get: Functions Table#

HTTP Request CGIname Description
widget.cgiGet Basic Settings
io.cgiGet I/O all status, include pin 90,91 on-board LED
io_alias.cgiGet all I/O status. direction and port names
adc.cgiGet all ADC Status/values
get_devinfo.cgiGet Device info
get_netinfo.cgiGet Network info
get_serial_data.cgiGet serial data from buffer (Console port)
get_uart0info.cgiGet Serial port 0 settings (UART1, Console)
get_uart1info.cgiGet Serial port 1 settings (UART2, AT command)
get_dio0.cgi ~ get_dio15.cgiGet I/O status per port
get_ain0.cgi ~ get_ain3.cgiGet ADC info per port
SectionCGI nameJavaScript Callback ParameterReturn TypeDescriptionValue (Example)Note
Device Informationget_devinfo.cgifwverStringFirmware version1.0.0-
devnameStringDevice nameWIZ550web-
pcodeStringProduct identifier1-2-0 For WIZ configuration tool mac String MAC address 00:08:DC:xx:xx:xx-
Network Informationget_netinfo.cgiipStringIP address192.168.11.2-
gwStringGateway IP address192.168.11.1-
subStringSubnet Mask255.255.255.0-
dnsStringDNS server IP address8.8.8.8-
dhcp1-digit numberDHCP enable0 or 11 : Enabled,0 : Disabled
Serial Port Informationget_uart0info.cgi get_uart1info.cgibaud1-digit numberBaud rate0 ~ 90:600,1:1200,2:2400,3:4800,4:9600,5:19200,6:38400,7:57600,8:115200,9:230400
databit1-digit numberData bit0 or 10:Databit8 1:Databit9
parity1-digit numberParity bit0 ~ 20:None 1:Odd 2:Even
stopbit1-digit numberStopbit0 or 10:Stopbit1 1:Stopbit2
flow1-digit numberFlow control0 ~ 30:None 1:RTS/CTS,2:RS-422,3:RS-485
16-Digital I/O(0 ~ 15)get_dio0.cgi~get_dio15.cgidio_p1 or 2-digit numbersI/O Pin Info.0-
dio_s1-digit numberI/O State0 or 10 : Low,1 : High
dio_d1-digit numberI/O Direction0/1/20 : NotUsed,1 : Input,2 : Output
dio_aStringI/O AliasDigital I/O #0-
4-Analog Inputs(12-bit ADC)get_ain0.cgi~get_ain3.cgiain_p1-digit numberAnalog input pin0 ~ 3-
ain_v1 ~ 4-digit numbersAnalog input value0 ~ 4095The values need to transform for use.

Get: JavaScript Callback Function Name Table

HTTP Request CGI nameJavaScript Function Name on Web page
get_devinfo.cgifunction DevinfoCallback(o)
get_netinfo.cgifunction NetinfoCallback(o)
get_uart0info.cgifunction UartinfoCallback(o)
get_dio0.cgi~get_dio15.cgifunction DioCallback(o)
get_ain0.cgi~get_ain3.cgifunction AinCallback(o)

SET Function List#

Set: Functions Table

HTTP Request CGI nameDescription
config.cgiSet Basic Settings for 🌎DemoPages
dout.cgiSet I/O port On/Off
save_alias.cgiChange name of I/O port
dir_change.cgiChange I/O direction
tx_serial_data.cgiSend serial data to UART1(Console port)
set_default_io_status.cgiIO Settings Factory Reset and Reboot
set_devinfo.cgiSet Device info (changes takes effect after reboot)
set_netinfo.cgiSet Network info (changes takes effect after reboot)
set_uart0info.cgiSet Serial port 0 settings (UART1, Console) (changes takes effect after reboot)
set_uart1info.cgiSet Serial port 1 settings (UART2, AT command) (changes takes effect after reboot)
set_diodir.cgiChange I/O direction. same as dir_change.cgi
set_diostate.cgiSet I/O port On/Off. almost the same as dout.cgi

config.cgi is for 🌎DemoPages.

Other common APIs are from set_devinfo.cgi

SectionCGI nameParameterWebform ElementDescriptionParameter ExampleNote
Device Configurationconfig.cgidevicenameParam: StringDevice namedevicename=WIZ550WEB
dhcpParam: 0 or 1DHCP enabledhcp=01 : Enabled
0 : Disabled
libParam: StingLocal IP addresslip= dots
gwParam: StringGateway IP addressgw=
subParam: StringSubnet Masksub=
dnsParam: StringDNS server IP addressdns=
baudrateParam: 1-digit numberBaud ratebaud=8
databitParam: 8~9Data bitdatabit=88:Databit8,
parityParam: 0~2Parity bitparity=00:None,
stopbitParam: 1~2Stopbitstopbit=11:Stopbit1
flowcontrolParam: 0~3Flow controlflowcontrol=00:None,
Device Informationset_devinfo.cgidevnameParam: StringDevice namedevname=Server1-
Network Informationset_netinfo.cgiipParam: StringIP addressip= dots
gwParam: StringGateway IP addressgw=
subParam: StringSubnet Mask sub=
dnsParam: StringDNS server IP addressdns=
dhcpParam: 0 or 1DHCP enabledhcp=01 : Enabled
0 : Disabled
Serial Port Informationset_uart0info.cgi set_uart1info.cgibaudParam: 1-digit numberBaud ratebaud=80:600,
databitParam: 8~9Data bitdatabit=88:Databit8,
parityParam: 0~2Parity bitparity=00:None,
stopbitParam: 1~2Stopbitstopbit=11:Stopbit1,
flowParam: 0~3Flow controlflow=00:None,
16-Digital I/O(0 ~ 15)set_diostate.cgipin / valParams: digit numbersI/O Statepin=0&val=1pin:0~15,
set_diodir.cgipin / valI/O Directionpin=1&val=2pin:0~15,
val=0(Not used),
set_dioalias.cgipin / valParams: digit numbers / StringI/O Aliaspin=1&val=pin#1pin:0~15